Check out the vintage video made in the 70's by fans of "The Profit."

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The Original "Profit by Kehlog Albran" was continually published for over 20 years after its first printing in 1973 with other subsequent printings plus foreign language printings. 

When it first came out it was read out loud on over 200 radio stations all across the country. 

For the past decade, it has been offered online in various forms as unauthorized websites and excerpted both online and in other books on the history of humor and acknowledged as one of the funniest books ever written by many sources through the years.

To honor the passing of Martin Cohen in 2000, I have updated the original with additional material. This re-released, updated version is available only on Amazon Kindle because, “It’s a lot cheaper to publish.”

The Kindle version presentation of “The Profit by Kehlog Albran” is a departure from the original in that it incorporates quotation marks and random punctuation throughout to make it easier to read on Kindle devices and such. 

​Also, after forty years, it will have some chronologic upgrades to modernize and incorporate the latest changes to include up-to-date lingo, such as: iPods, iPads, iPhones and even just plain “i”s. 

The entire original Profit book, with its 12 “hard-to-understand” illustrations
​(which I drew), comprises the first section.

The second section, or Book Two, which follows the original, is comprised of the “Return of The Profit” with its “Shallow Thoughts.” 

For those who have never read the original, you may want to do that before you proceed to the second book. Unless you are dyslexic, then abandon all hope and do it your own way.  

Here's the Amazon Kindle link: The Return of The Profit