The 340 page version titled: 

"The Amazing Life of Elizabeth Harvington"

is X-Rated for serious sexual situations.

Elizabeth Harvington was twenty-six years old with the taut body of large-breasted eighteen year-old cheerleader. 

Her natural golden blonde hair would normally indicate an expansive air space between her ears but instead hid the fact that she had an advanced degree in mechanical engineering.

Her job was the plum of anyone interested in transportation, namely,
the transportation officer of the largest privately owned company on Earth, Sanford, Enterprises, Inc. owned by Samuel Sanford, the world’s richest man. His holdings totaled 1.2 Trillion dollars. 

She had a staff of two hundred with satellite offices in 24 countries.
​Her task was to juggle all forms of company transportation, from land vehicles to air and watercraft.

Sounds easy until you realize she had to coordinate 5,000 cars, trucks, and motorcycles, 200 planes and fifty yachts, including the most expensive private yacht, The Titania Express, which cost two billion dollars to build, and used the world’s entire output of titanium for 2013.

Simple so man with an eclectic staff of corporate executives running his vast empire, except the twelve officers were all women, beautiful women, supermodel caliber, who performed their duties impeccably, and their “other” duties as well.

It was said: “What goes on behind the doors of Sanford Enterprises executive offices stays there...”, until Elizabeth Harvington was hired.

Find out how an ugly duckling became the wealthiest, and most powerful woman in the world.

The 300 page version titled:
"The Two Lives of Elizabeth Harvington"
is R-Rated for sexual situations.