Here's the Amazon Kindle link: Marissa and the Magic Dolls.

For a child with good reading skills this would be like "Harry Potter meets the American Girl Dolls."It's all about Marissa Walters, a 9 year-old girl living in the Chicago suburbs, who discovers that the new Tiny Baby doll she received for her birthday has magic powers. 
Her quest is to find out where the power came from and if there are any other magic dolls in the world.Her adventures include saving an orphan girl, Beanie, from an abusive relationship with her foster parents, the Bumpkins. Beanie is adopted by Marissa's parents and becomes her sister.
But one of the magic dolls is found by Mrs. Bumpkin who turns herself into a witch and creates problems on a global level (because the power in a single doll could easily destroy the Earth).
Marissa and Beanie find the origin of the doll's magic, which was sent to the future by an all-powerful magician, Ortan, who had to release the power found in three magic ruby hearts before the evil Black Knight would steal the rubies.The rubies were placed in three dolls in a doll factory in the future.
Marissa and Beanie teamed up with two Filipino girls living in Las Vegas who were the recipients of the third magic doll. Eventually a confrontation ensued between the girls and the evil Witch who had created a Blue Fog that turned the entire Earth blue.
Other characters interact with Marissa as well and Marissa has to go back to the past to save the Magician from the Black Knight once his power was released to the magic dolls.There is a tearful section which brings Beanie in contact with her parents before they passed away due to an auto accident with a train when Beanie was only five years old and became an orphan.
‚Äč There are parts that will cause the reader to laugh out loud and a couple of sections are pretty serious but, everything works out fine in the end.