Give me a good reason to always follow a dirty car. 

Okay, really? Well, that makes sense.

You say you always wanted to circumvent an automatic flushing toilet?

Or, how about the best way to park your car to avoid dents?

Or, why is it not a good idea to feed methamphetamines to a draft horse?

Perhaps you need a diet that sounds weird, but one that the author has maintained for nine years?

Here’s a book that could save you $10,000 or more per year by cleaning up bad habits and avoiding some of life’s pitfalls.

Includes suggestions that could save you from losing everything you own. 

This offbeat manifesto could be your ticket to changing your life for the better. The worse-case scenario is that you’ll be entertained by Shacket’s
eccentric humor and seemingly illogical logic.

​Is he crazy or just out of his mind? Is he a certified genius (with two patents to his name) or just certifiable? Let’s see, he’s 74 years of age, easily passes for a 55 year old, can still bench press 400 lbs… has normal vital signs… maybe he knows something you don’t know? 

​Find out. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, and you won’t cry as you’ll kiss your $2.99 goodbye. 

​But, life’s short… what do you have to lose?

​Here's the Amazon Kindle link: Always Follow a Dirty Car.