Here's an excerpt:

Hymie asked, “You can choose only one place on Earth to go back to. Where will it be?” 

Sonny calculated, “Help a young a showgirl in distress, and outsmart the mob? — It’s gotta be Las Vegas.” 

Hymie smiled, “Goodbye, Sonny!” 

There was a flash of light and smoke and Sonny was suddenly standing in the entrance of Gamblers Eden. In the lobby, Robert Powers, the tour guide, was showing a group of guests around and Sonny approached him, “What is this place?” he asked.

“This is Gamblers Eden…the largest and most fantastic casino complex in Nevada.” 

Sonny looked around and up toward the top of the dome, “Is this still heaven?” 

“Heaven on Earth,” the guide laughed. 

“No, really…kid…is this heaven or not?” Sonny asked seriously. 

​“Heaven is where you make it,” the guide smiled.

“Kid,” Sonny said, “I’m not joking…listen you moron…is this heaven? I was supposed to go to Las Vegas. I’m gonna smack you in the face if you don’t tell me the truth!” 

The guide sensed something was very wrong with Sonny and tried to explain, “Sir, this is Gamblers Eden…we’re about a hundred miles from downtown Las Vegas.” 

“I never heard of it,” Sonny said, “Is it new or something?” 

“Yes, we opened on Thanksgiving, we just had our Christmas party and our New Years celebration was outstanding.” 

Sonny looked up and yelled, “Hymie, you fucking idiot I said Las Vegas. Where did you send me?” 

The guide stared at Sonny; not sure what to do, “Sir, can I do anything for you…call a doctor or something?” 

​Sonny stared back at him, “Where can I find a room in this shithole?” 

Gamblers Eden was originally written with Sander Marcus over twenty years as a screenplay for a feature-length motion picture comedy. It is now expanded, updated and published as a Kindle eBook.The story: When the aging comic Sonny Stein died on stage during his act on a cruise ship, he found that arriving to Heaven’s Comedy club was the easy part. Staying there was going to be the a bit more difficult. 

Challenged to go back to Earth and do three good deeds to avoid being sent down to
H.E. double hockey sticks was the hard part. He had a week to: Help a young comic, save a showgirl in distress, and foil a gangster mob. Sonny landed in Gamblers Eden, the thirty billion dollar domed casino built in the desert 90 miles from Las Vegas.

The casino complex, complete with its own nuclear reactor power plant, was built with oil money from a little known Arab sovereignty under the direction of prince Omar Khan, who then lost control to a mob thug by the name of Dom Demarco. 

​Omar Khan decided to go to Gamblers Eden in disguise to find out why it was being run at a deficit that could potentially lead to financial ruin for his country. Add a few comic mob characters, a showgirl in distress, and a young clod who Sonny tries to convert into a successful comic and you’ve got a idea what Gamblers Eden offers.            

It's available to purchase for $2.99 on Amazon Kindle by following the link below and to check out free sample pages:

Here's the Amazon Kindle link: Gamblers Eden