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​Jill Carlson Beck was a lifelong friend of mine and a Creative Force. Besides being an accomplished photographer and artist, she was also a superb proofreader. We had worked on many books together and her recent passing was devastating to me and so many others. Around 1980, she sang backup on one of the songs that I had produced as a demo with Skip Haynes. Her husband, Richard Beck, put a video together with my music in the photos of her life. It was very moving, and a wonderful tribute. NEW: Click here for the link to the "Heaven on Earth" music video.

Here's me at 32 years old.

Well, I'm 76 years old now and I've been writing for over 50 years. 
​I wrote "The Profit" with Marty Cohen 40 years ago and, thanks to Amazon Kindle, I released "The Return of The Profit." Amazon provides a free Kindle App for the PC, Mac, and tablets, so virtually anyone can access it even if they don't own a Kindle device. Currently, there are twenty nine books of mine available on Amazon: three are in print and twenty four are Kindle eBooks. Simply type in "Sheldon Shacket" on for the list and links for free sample pages. (See the HOME menu.)

I published a bundled 2-book package on Amazon Kindle:

The Complete Elizabeth Harvington

It's over 1,200 pages, which includes both "The Two Lives of Elizabeth Harvington" plus its sequel: "Anokil."

The third book in the Elizabeth Harvington trilogy is: "The Genie Wars" which is also available on Amazon.

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