Oh, look, a diet that will make me thin. It looks intriguing, all you can eat...doesn’t that sound oxymoronic? 

Or, maybe just moronic?

Well, it’s not a diet for everybody. The dieter profile for this gorge-fest starts with someone who could possibly be morbidly obese. He or she has never been successful in losing weight over the long haul. Our subject has probably gained back all the weight lost on any diet that was tried.

I am 76 years old now and just completed a test using a modified version of the Phase One of my All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Diet. I lost 27 lbs. in 50 days incorporating the techniques in my new YouTube video. My video concentrates on a special diet system that is used in conjunction with my established buffet diet. This unique approach utilizes a technique that can be useful to extremely fat and morbidly obese people. It may actually be able to save their lives.

My new technique can apply to any diet system. It puts the power of choice and control in the hands of the dieter. It is based upon the actions of the wine tasters. These are experts who judge wines by tasting many of them in one sitting. They do not swallow the wine and can extract all the flavor of each variety without consuming any of it. I accidentally discovered this phenomenon when eating at a casino buffet one day. I had eaten pretty much my fill because I was in the Phase Two of the Buffet Diet which doesn’t concentrate on weight loss, but rather maintenance. I saw some delicious steak that I really wanted to try. But I was completely full and decided to taste the delicious meat and simply spit it out after chewing it. The flavor was completely extracted from the meat with all of its savory juices, but none of the food went down my throat and into my stomach. Then, much later, I decided to test the concept while using the Phase One of my All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Diet, which utilizes a very low carbohydrate medium protein regimen.

It’s a beautiful thing to observe.

Maybe it’s for you? What do you have to lose?

​Here's the Amazon Kindle link:
The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Diet