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Rob was a good-looking, no-good, coke tooting, dope smoking, alcoholic, lazy, gambling, womanizing playboy who moved into April's apartment and used her money to support his "high" life style. She described him as having the face of an angel, the body of a Chippendale's dancer, and the brain of a Chippendale's sofa.

​Rob quit his waiter's job to sponge off her and soak up everything she had; using her car, credit cards, apartment and body with impunity. But April was "addicted" to Rob... really addicted, as in sexually addicted. She refused to believe the truth -- no matter what anybody said about him until lots of things went bad at once: so she lost her job, got rid of her cheating boyfriend, met new friends, new men, started a business, and set her life on the path to success and happiness — with a lot of laughs (and swearing) along the way.

"Amazing April" is basically the same story as "April's Fool" except it has been expanded. April's age is 25 years old in the "Amazing April" version where her age in "April's Fool" is 30 years old.

("April's Fool" is 34,000 words and is a faster-paced story, while "Amazing April" is 50,000 words with more detail.)

​A woman named April changed her entire life, starting one April. It was 2011, when some people found that their ship had come in while most found their ship had hit the fan. April Carson’s troubles began on April 1st... April Fool’s day: always a bad day for a girl named April. April was a 30 year-old college-educated professional whose life completely came apart on April 3rd — her 31st birthday.  

On paper, April Carzek always did all the right things in life. Although she was an only child, raised by Bohemian parents in Berwyn, Illinois (a blue collar suburb of Chicago), she managed to attend a good school: Northwestern University and received excellent grades. To advance her career she changed her name to April Carson because Carzek sounded too much like "car sick."

​She landed a high-paying job as a buyer for Creative Casuals, a major ready-to-wear clothing chain.