I started selling plans to build electric bicycles and mini-bikes in the early 1970's by running small ads in Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and Science and Mechanics magazines. I sold plans to many countries under the name: The Flying Zeemo Electric Bicycle Company. I had built several electric bike models: The Zeemo One, Zeemo Two, and Lady Zeemo, which were the basis for the plans. I had a faster version called the Zeemo Tri-Motor, which used three 6-volt Ford starter motors running on 12-volts. There were other experimental models including mini-bikes. Then, I began building gasoline-powered bicycles which used 3-horsepower and 5-horsepower gas engines. Finally, I sold plans to build The Thrifty Zeemo, "The World's Cheapest Gasoline Motorbike" which was designed to be built for about ten dollars, including the bike and motor.