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It gives kids the power to

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Here's me at 32 years old.

I've been writing for over 50 years. 
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​Currently, i have over thirty books available on Amazon: three are in print and twenty nine are Kindle eBooks. (Some eBooks are available in paperback form.) Simply type in "Sheldon Shacket" on Amazon.com for the list and links for free sample pages.

A bundled 2-book package is available on Amazon Kindle:

The Complete Elizabeth Harvington Over 1,200 pages, including both "The Two Lives of Elizabeth Harvington" plus its sequel: "Anokil." The third book in the Elizabeth Harvington trilogy is: "The Genie Wars" also available on Amazon. (1,800 pages for the trilogy)

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"Okay, You're a Democrat and

tired of constantly being bashed.

Here's some peace and tranquility

with No Bashing allowed.


Brand NEW!

The Original "Profit by Kehlog Albran" was continually published 
for over 20 years after its first printing in 1973 with other subsequent printings plus foreign language printings. When it first came out it was read out loud on over 200 radio stations all across the country.  For the past decade, it has been offered online in various forms as unauthorized websites and excerpted both online and in other books on the history of humor and acknowledged as one of the funniest books ever written by many sources through the years.​

Electionary Cartoons


that will satisfy both sides of the aisle.